I lose focus.

Ever felt like losing interest in the middle of doing something, plans put into action with a vigour that can take on the whole world by storm but then all the passion vanishes into thin air somewhere down the road. Losing focus. Not being able to control dilly-dallying even though you are completely aware of its uselessness.

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They died from the cold within….

I see all these stories about Muslims being targeted, oppressed and killed all around the world. So many innocent beings mercilessly butchered.

The sight of those little hands, chubby feet, the most innocent faces covered in dust and blood – the children. I see my daughter’s face in their bloodied faces. I see my daughter’s hands in those small hands. I feel, the unthinkable agony – the pain their loved ones would be going through.

Then I forget. I have so many other things to tend to. Many problems of my own to mull over.

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True Love

What would be the level of such a love where a woman vows to give her only child away in the way of God. A woman who makes a vow that when God gives her a child, she’ll dedicate it to Allah. She wouldn’t use the child for her comfort and company. She would free the child from her rights and all worldly affairs.

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Ramadhan Sale!

Imagine the sales being offered on our favourite goods. Our favourite dress, accessories, bags, shoes, gadgets, kids’ clothes etc being offered at discounted prices and how we rush to such sales. At times, ending up buying those things, which we don’t even need. Coming home happy, sharing our shopping details with friends and family.

What if there’s a sale on Allah’s mercy and that too for a whole month! It’s that time of the year when the sale is on “forgiveness of our sins”! Yes! Ramadhan! A guest that stays with us for numbered days. It’s the time of the year in which, the mercy of Allah rains on us literally, so let’s rush towards having a one on one with Allah s.w.t!
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The love of this world

Peace and blessings on all.

Every time, a wish hit my heart for something, of this world, be it for a split second; a pang of guilt would always seize me! How could I yearn for worldly things when I had started my journey of understanding the word of our Lord! Surely my eman is not right somewhere, otherwise why would I want something of this world even though when I’m aware of it’s reality! Continue reading

“He who does not thank people, does not thank Allah.” (Ahmad, Tirmidhi)

JazakAllah Khair to the very nice lady – I know as Sajida Appa, whom I’ve never met. She had come across a piece that I had written about my daughter’s school and so she contacted me through my email ID. She’s someone, who’s running a complete program of teaching and learning Quran for students, working women and anyone who’s not able to specifically take time out and go somewhere to know the word of God, through SMS and Skype. Continue reading